Why Filters Won’t Work

Ever tried a porn filter? A porn filter has its purpose and is ideal for some situations. I would say it is something you would want for under aged users of the internet, maybe for their tablet or laptop. It is a smart thing to do for under aged users of the internet as addictions are more easily formed in the adolescent years. After the age of 21 it is much harder to form compulsions and addictions as the brain has been fully developed and has established circuitry which will not easily be overridden by a compulsion or addiction.

CENSOREDPorn filters are good for people who don’t already have a problem but this site is for people who have or know someone who has a powerful compulsion for porn a.k.a. a porn addiction. If you already have an addiction to porn then a filter will be useless to you. Depending on how long you have had the addiction, there is a very good chance you have already experimented with a filter. I bet it didn’t work.

What inevitable happens is that you find a way around the filter. That might mean that you search the internet till you find a website that is not filter. Filters will only work if you let them. If you’ve already got an addiction, you are going to find a way to make the filter not work even if that mean re-installing the operating system. An porn addicted person finds a way.

The problem with filters is that they do not deal with the problem. The problem is that the person who is addicted to porn has a brain that is addicted to porn. A program is never going to be able to outsmart the human brain.

The real solution is to treat the brain and to work with it and help it heal. You were not born with an addiction. The addiction is developed, granted addictions can happen easier with some than others but it is still a development. The brain was born without addictions. This would suggest that the natural state of the brain is to be addiction free. The brain was not prewired with an addiction. The brain wants to be addiction free, it wants to be porn free. Treating the brain can be much easier than one would expect when using effective strategies and activities.

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Tell us about your filter experience. How did you get around your filter?