Does Pornography Create Pedophiles?

The possibility of becoming a pedophile from your porn addiction is a possibility. Of course most will not go that route but the possibility is out there.

It is probably more likely that you could become a pedophile from your addiction than if you were porn free.

Here is the reason: The Limbic System is the part of the system that releases chemicals from porn viewing. The rest of the brain becomes tired of those chemicals after constant repetition of the chemical releases. So the brain with time begins to build a resistance to the chemicals. (Read: Porn is NOT Your Problem: Brain Chemicals Are)

Sad man in a empty roomThe addicted person will not reach the same high as they once did from porn viewing. The addicted person will often seek out two possibilities. Those possibilities are to either watch porn for longer periods of time. Lengthening the time of porn will allow the brain to be engulfed with chemicals for longer period of time. While the high is still lower the length of time is still rewarding to the addicted person.

The second option is to change the type of porn being viewed. With a different genre of porn an increased high can be experienced. This is especially true if the porn has a conflicting emotional element. For example, a man from a religious family will most likely be taught from childhood that sex is to be done only by married individuals and is supposed to be an expression of love. If this man develops a porn compulsion his brain will begin to resist the Limbic System’s chemicals. In order to increase the chemical release the man might begin to watch porn that is more violent in nature. Watching violent porn will cause an emotion response from his brain causing a new area of the brain to become active during porn viewing. This new area of the brain will then experience a greater high from the chemicals than would normal be experience thus increasing the high felt by the individual.

This second option also opens the door to child porn. This will not be an option or a desire for everyone addicted to porn but to a select few this will be a path they might choose to increase the high. So a person who is not addicted to porn will most likely never have a desire to watch child porn. However, that chance increases if that same person does develop a compulsion for porn. While pornography addiction does not guarantee a child porn addiction it does open the door and a person addicted to porn may be pushed into a child porn addiction through a desire to get a higher high.

If you are someone who has a compulsion for child porn, it is advised that you seek professional help. Child porn addiction is beyond the scope of this website.

The possibility of child porn addiction is just one of the risks and costs to those addicted to porn. And those risks and costs can be eliminated or greatly reduced with a porn free life. Start enjoying your life on a greater level by quitting porn for good. Start using the RAMP Solution to porn addiction and get effective strategies and activities to start winning the game that is being played in your mind.

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